The Missing Piece of Publishing Success

missing-pieceWhen you started writing, you had a dream of being a published author.  And through countless hours of dedicated work, you have a book and have made that dream a reality – sort of.

Those hours and days you spent away from your friends, family, and the exciting moments of life were worth it.  You have a book.  The first part of the dream is done, but the second part, you thought would follow easily, isn’t working.

Going from “want to be published” to “published author” is a big step.  An even bigger step is the step from “published author” to “bestselling author”.  Being a published author does not guarantee a bestselling author.  Many writers have walked this same path before, and offer the mythical advice:

If you write better, you will sell better.false

We’re all heard it, even from our creative idols.  But there is a problem with that statement… simply, there is no correlation between writing better and selling better.  Look at the book shelves.  Yes, you do have just as much talent and honed writing skill as others on that shelf, probably significantly more than many of those authors who’s books are magically selling at lightning speeds.

Why?  Because they have found the missing piece you are still struggling to name and then use.

Saying writing better makes you sell better is like trying to make the color purple without blue. Sure you’ve seen the color, it exists, but if you only have red, no matter how much you tweak the red, you will never make a shade of purple. Writing better will never made you sell better, because selling is completely different skill than writing.  Selling is a business skill.

Authors who constantly and consistently get to the best sellers list understand the business side of  publishing and their sales results are in direct proportion to this knowledge.

Here are some things simple business skills will fix for you:

  • Anemic books sales of current book and your backlist.
  • No one visiting your table at events.
  • Spending more prompting your books than how much you earned from it.
  • Only family and friends reading your book (and not all of them bought it.)
  • Not being able to get reviews of your book.
  • No publisher wanting to work with you.
  • Your book launch being disjointed and miserable.
  • Feeling like a smarmy sales person each time you have a new release

good-newsYou learned how to write a book.  You can learn the business skills you need to make certain your work gets to the readers who are going to appreciate it.  And here’s some good news (finally!).  The skills are not only learnable, they’re repeatable, quantifiable, improvable and allow you to be creative.

Which of the above problems are worrying you?  What do you want more information about?  Download our free skill assessment questionnaire at and discover your strengths and where you need to learn more.

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