What Kind of Business Skills Do Writers Need?

Congratulations – you wrote a book AND it’s published. Have you seen the sales you want? Is your blog getting the comments you hoped for? Are your social media posts generating a response?  If not, you need to improve your business skills (HINT: not your writing!)

Writers Business School has broken the large topic of business skills into the 5 Skill Sets needed to reach the best-sellers list and stay there. We call them:


Reader Stewardship,

Publisher Relations,

Distribution, and

Book Launch.

Every writer has already used some of these skill sets with varying degrees of success or failure each time they try to implement them. We’re here to show you all the steps, fill in the gaps of your information, and show you exactly how to customize and repeat this simple process to increase your book sales and enjoy the business side of writing that book.

The 5 Skill Sets


Is your marketing working?  Do you feel that you’re spending too much time on social media with nothing to show for it? What you need is a clear platform. Platform is the unifying idea/subject that is a part of all you do, write, and want more of in the world. It has worked its way into all areas of your life, even if you don’t realize it yet. You use your platform to continually connect with your ideal readers. Knowing it helps you effectively focus your marketing and promotion efforts.

Reader Stewardship2-RSb

How do you stay in touch with your readers between launches? What would your readers like to know about you? How are the sales of your backlist? Reader Stewardship is the process you use to continually connect with and engage your current and new readers. These are your fans and proper stewardship will not only have them ready to buy your books now and in the future, but also tell others about your work, public appearances, blog posts and more. It is vital to engage with your readers no matter where you are in the book launch process. When this part of your business is working, there is a continual buzz about you and your books.

3-PRbPublisher Relations

What if you had a thriving, highly profitable partnership with your publisher? Publisher Relations is the important ­ and hopefully long term – relationship you, the author, will have with your publisher. When managed properly the author and publisher have a partnership benefiting both parties. You have the ability to become a favorite author for your house with simple business skills. This makes a publishing house more willing to invest in your career. Your sales success is connected to how well your publisher – large or independent – knows how to sell and distribute books.


Do you know your sales figure during your book’s pre-sale period?  Do you know how many books you are likely to sell at each event you attend? Distribution is getting your book into the hands of readers. It determines best­-selling status. Understanding distribution helps you predict the number of books you will sell through various outlets and events so you know where to put your time and effort to improve your sales. This is the most ignored yet most vital and reliably repeatable aspect of the book business. This skill set contains all the business logistics needed to turn your work into a long term success – and even increase the sales of your backlist.

5-BLbBook Launch

When do you start the work to launch your book?  How long does it continue after your release date? A book launch is a three phase process with specific steps for before, during and after your release date, used to get your books out into the world to the largest number of people in your ideal audience. The launch hinges on the release day – which is the midpoint of the process. The process can be repeated more and more successfully each time growing your readership, your reputation, and your sales.

Over the coming weeks we will be posting more on each of these topics to help you understand the skills that will increase your sales, your name recognition, and your audience reach.  We also have a series of FREE WEDNESDAY WEBINARS and if you click here you can see the course list and register.

And as always, we’re here to help so send us questions and we’ll be happy to answer there.


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