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It doesn’t matter where you are in your book launch process, whether it is a month away or a year away, you can be working on making your next release a success.  There are three things you should be doing on an ongoing basis:

  • Stay in touch with current readers,
  • Put out fun content for your readers to enjoy, and
  • Outreach to connect with new readers.

When you do this, the week your book launches will be easier, smoother, and you can look forward to strong pre-sales numbers.

Before you get going, remember, the Writers Business School suggests you balance your time writing with time for building your business in approximately a 4:1 ratio. So if you plan five hours for writing, plan for one hour to focus on your business.  You can also write for 50 minutes, then do 10 minutes on business (post on your favorite social media to connect with readers, jot down ideas for blog posts or giveaways, find a new group on Google+ or Facebook that connect with your platform).

This week we’re going to review:


You have an e-mail list, a blog, a Facebook group, Twitter/Instagram followers. Use these methods to talk to and start a conversation with your readers.  If you don’t have at least an email list of readers and one social media account on any of the options, this post will show you why these tools are so important to authors.

The goal is to stay engaged a group of people who either a) like what you write already, or b) like what you have to say about stuff and read in your genre.  These are the readers who are already connected to you through your books and your platform.   They are the ones who are most likely to buy your next book and/or tell their friends about it.

Have fun – be creative.  You’re already good at that.


First: Share updates, fun facts, or create a poll.  Ask for advice, suggestions, or ideas on your platform topic (Example:  Where is your favorite place to find information on _____?).

Second: Blog about something you’ve recently learned or discovered.

Third: Put a post on Facebook with a link to your blog, with a photo related to this on Instagram and/or a commentary tweet.

Fourth:  Later in the week, post a question related to your blog, post a link to an article that supports your position, or someone who holds the exact opposite opinion and restate your view of the issue.

You can do these things in one week or stretch them across an entire month.

Social media is to be social, make connections and share ideas.  Share regularly, and people will start to look forward to your posts, and in time, when your book is out, these readers will be inclined to help you celebrate your book birthday by buying a copy for themselves.  We all enjoy helping out friends.

NEXT BLOG: Putting out fun content for your current readers to attract new readers.

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