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Are You Open For Business

Once you have a book for sale – you have a business.  But are you open?  It’s easy to know. Is your product getting to its intended customer? Yes, like it or not, your book is a product and readers

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Why You Need A Reader Stewardship Program

We’ve gotten a lot of comments and questions recently about how “social media doesn’t work” to sell books.  And the answer is of course not! Social media is not intended for selling. It is for making an initial connection with

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Creating a Successful Book Launch – Start Now

START WHERE YOU ARE It doesn’t matter where you are in your book launch process, whether it is a month away or a year away, you can be working on making your next release a success.  There are three things

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Never Sell Again – The Power of Platform

What if there were one tool that could help you improve your book sales, name recognition, and reader attention? Would you want it? What if using that tool meant you never had to feel like you were “selling” your book

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What Kind of Business Skills Do Writers Need?

Congratulations – you wrote a book AND it’s published. Have you seen the sales you want? Is your blog getting the comments you hoped for? Are your social media posts generating a response?  If not, you need to improve your

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The Missing Piece of Publishing Success

When you started writing, you had a dream of being a published author.  And through countless hours of dedicated work, you have a book and have made that dream a reality – sort of. Those hours and days you spent

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The Cost of Procrastination – Part Two

To change the habit of procrastinating, you need to train your brain to believe the path you want is the safe route.  How do you convince your brain what you want to do is the safe path? Make a plan

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The Cost of Procrastination – PART ONE

There are many things we procrastinate over, and there are double that many excuses people give for procrastinating.  Yes.  Excuses.  You can either have excuses or results.  Not both.  And the pain of excuses is, unfortunately, perceived as easier to

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Top Three Business Mistakes Writers Make

“Writers” “Business” “Mistakes”.  Many writers have never considered their scribbling or frantic typing at the wee hours to be anything other than a passionate dream for the far off future.  The first mistake could be not recognizing your passion is

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