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Feb 15           The 5 Simple Skills You Need to Sell your Book 

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If your book sales are disappointing, it may not be your writing skills – it could be your business skills.  You are likely missing a one or more of these simple skills successful authors know and use to grow their books sales and reader base.  This one hour webinar will introduce these necessary skills in a way that you can immediately start to use to improve your own books sales.

Feb  22               Grow Your Audience Without Feeling Like You’re Selling  

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Congratulations!  You’re a published author.  That is an amazing achievement. Is your book reaching the readers you wanted?  You wrote these books to connect to readers, not sell to them, so how can you accomplish this without feeling like you’re always asking people to buy your book? This one hour class will introduce the concept of platform, how you can use it to build your audience and reader base and grow your income without the “smarmy” feeling of selling your book.

March 1               Setting Up a Successful Author Table At An Event

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What makes people stop at your table?  What makes them buy?  We will show you how to set up your author table at any event to maximize interaction and sales.  Along with the How in this one hour class, you will also learn why, so you can adapt the information to best attract your readers and encourage them to buy.

March 8              Identifying Your Ideal Reader: The start of your active fan base

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Do you want readers clamoring for your next book? Buying your backlist? If you are published, you are writing for someone more than yourself.  The more you know about this person the easier it is to find, connect with and inspire the person to purchase your books. In this o/ne hour class, we will share with you the questions you need to ask yourself to systemically figure out who your Ideal Reader is to best use your marketing time and budget.

March 15               3 Ways to Reach New Readers Before Your Book Launch

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Are you looking to make your next book launch your most successful ever?  Start immediately. Preparing your Ideal Reader to purchase your book during the first week of availability is a surefire method to jump onto the Best Sellers List.  In this one hour class, we will share three simple and effective methods to connect with your current and new readers before your next release in a way that excites them to buy your work.

March 22          Author Branding – What it is and how to use it to increase your sales

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Your brand is… ?  And it helps you… ? How many times have you heard you should have an author brand but still don’t know what it is. It is much more than your logo and tagline.  Branding is the one emotion you want your reader to take away for every experience with you and this emotion will build your sales and name recognition.  In this one hour class, we will share how to use this valuable tool to increase your sales, and have fun more when you promote your work.

March 29               Creating a Successful Press Kit

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Ever wonder why some writers get “all the good stuff”?  Constantly interviewed, great publishers, their conference proposal accepted, and even high traffic at events.  The answer is a effective press kit.  This one hour class will show you the basic elements of a press kit, and how to use it to increase your reader reach and sales.


April  5      Create And Use An Effective Social Media Plan

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Do you need to do it all? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Pinterest. Not to mention keeping up a blog and website? More than a buzz word, Social Media is a necessary part of any author’s promotions. Unfortunately, many writers have no idea how to use this wonderful free tool successfully to justify any of the work involved.  In this one hour class, we will share with you the elements of a successful social media plan and how to accomplish this without being sucked into a time drain.

April 12          Time Management – How to Balance Writing with Building a Business

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Have you ever thought – I have to write, I don’t have time for business? You have a life, you have your writing time, and you also want a successful career. You have to take the time or you won’t have the sales. This one hour class will share with you our proven system to run a successful writing business while also having plenty of time to create new work, and some valuable metrics to tell if your efforts are actually working.

April 19               5 Free Websites To Improve your Business

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There are so many resources out there to help you grow your readership, increase your visibility and impact, track progress and even impress publishers.  All for free! In this one hour class, we will introduce you to these tools so you can make the business side of your writing career easier and more fun.