On Line Courses


  • Introduction to Platform
  • Platform Basics (3 day course)
  • Conference/Convention Preparation
  • Creating Your Personal Brand
  • What is a Marketing Plan and How Can It Benefit You
  • Developing and Using Your Press Kit



  • Having Fun with Your Fans – Basics, Intermediate, Advance
  • Putting Together a Street Team
  • Don’t Fall Down on Your Follow Up
  • Swag – How To Make It Work With Your Brand and Your Books





  • Creating a Collaborative Business Relationship Between Publishers and Authors¬†(even if you are the publisher AND the author)
  • Why You Need a Business Plan
  • Developing and Following Through With Your Business Plan
  • Building a Strong Relationship With Your Publisher and Editor
  • Who Is Working On Your Book at Your Publishing House




  • Introduction to Distribution
  • What Is Your Capture Rate and How To Improve It
  • What Can You Negotiate (HINT: Just About Everything)
  • What is E-Commerce and How Can It Help Your Career
  • Creating and Using New Sales Outlets





  • Intro to¬†Blog Tours
  • Blog Tour Success: Basic, Intermediate, Advance
  • Making the Most of Conferences and Conventions: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced (Key Note)
  • How To Generate Pre-Sales
  • Create Your Own Book Signings
  • Creating Successful Promotions