Book Launch


Book Launch: Before – Release Day – After. A book launch is a process used to get your books out into the world and to the largest number of people in your ideal audience.  The launch hinges on the release day – which is the midpoint of the process. The process can be repeated more and more successfully each time growing your readership, your reputation, and your sales.

 Before: Before the book is finished, there are some items you should do to rally support for your next book. Before the Publisher says yes.  And before the publisher gives you a release date.

  • Days Before: Like a rocket launch, there are a multitude of details to iron out moments before the excitement of launch day needed to build momentum before the big day to carry you onto the Best Sellers list.
  • Release Day: The “Big Day”. This is what people usually see, but the activities on this day started months ago.
  • The first month after the release: A bestselling author is still working at sales the first few months after the release. There are ways to do it without burning out, or alienating your friends and family.
  • After: When the book has been out for a few months, and all the promotions have ended, a bestselling author needs to look at their process.  What worked well?  What needed work? Where and how to improve upon your successes are all pieces of information you need to assimilate into your next book launch.

At the Writers Business School our classes on book launch (both building and maintaining a program) include:

  • Blog Tours: Introduction, Basic (NEW COURSE ADDED HERE), Intermediate and Advance
  • Setting Up an Author Table at an Event
  • Designing Your Press Kit

If you want to know more about book launch and see what  you may want to learn, download our free worksheet hereWBS – Free Download – Book Launch Process