4-DSbDistribution is getting your book into the hands of readers. It determines best-selling status. Understanding distribution helps you predict the number of books you will sell through various outlets and events so you know where to put your time and effort to improve your sales. This is the most ignored yet most vital and reliably repeatable aspect of the book business. This skill set contains all the logistics needed to turn your work-in-progress into a finished product no matter if your are writing a traditional book or an electronic book.

  • Do you know how many times your core reader needs to see your book before they buy it? Do you know how many books you should order for an in-person event, so you can sell make instead of lugging them back to your car?  Your capture rate is the answer to all of these questions.
  • Do you know how much all of your book marketing is costing you, and how many books you need to sell to recoop that money?
  • Do you know where your book is selling? Who decides, and how to get it into other distribution avenues?  Do you understand what you are selling – which rights are available, and which rights are being sold for how long, and how to negotiate for better terms.
  • Lag time is a silent killer for unprepared authors. There is always a space of time between when your book is accepted for publication and when a reader can finally get their hands on an actual copy of the book.  There is also lag time between your book being available for sale, to a book store actually purchasing the book, getting your book into their systems, and the book actually being placed on a shelf in the store take time. Lag time is not dead time.  You need to take steps to move your book along, and iron out the glitches that happen along that trail with every book.
  • Negotiating is a critical skill for any business owners. Where do authors negotiate? With publishers, organizers at a community event, books stores for your shelf placement.  Once you learn how to make negotiating fun, you’ll negotiate for everything, even better prices on your give-aways.

At the Writers Business School our classes on distribution (both building and maintaining a program) include:

  • The Basics of Distribution
  • Areas of Negotiation: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Understanding and Improving Your Capture Rate

If you want to know more about distribution and see what  you may want to learn, download our free worksheet here: WBS – Free Download – Distribution