1-PLbPlatform is the unifying idea/subject that is a part of all you do, write, and want more of in the world. It has worked its way into all areas of your life, even if you don’t realize it yet. You use your platform to connect with your ideal readers.  Knowing it helps you effectively focus your marketing and promotion efforts. In the simplest terms, platform is what is at the core of you as a person and a writer.  It is the focus of all your clearest decisions, commitments and deeply held beliefs – whether you are aware of it or not.  In fact, it has been guiding your writing, your dreams, your professional career, even, perhaps your wardrobe for years.

Platform is used when you:

  • Develop your brand, create a marketing strategy and initiate a social media plan
  • Determine where to spend your time when selecting conferences, blog tour sites, and building your business
  • Connect with your core audience and reach out to new readers
  • Create your print products – business cards, swag, and more
  • Work on the pieces of your book launch

There is almost no part of your business platform doesn’t influence.

At the Writers Business School our classes on platform (both creating and using it) include

  • Developing your platform – NEW CLASS INFORMATION AVAILABLE HERE
  • Developing, designing and using your brand
  • Marketing  and Social Media Strategies

If you want to know more about platform and see what you may want to learn, download our free worksheet heree:  WBS – Free Download – Platform