Publisher Relations


Publisher Relations is the important – and hopefully long term – relationship  you, the author, will have with your publisher. The author and publisher have a partnership benefiting both parties when managed properly. You have the ability to make this relationship strong and become a favorite author for your house with simple business skills.  This makes a publishing house more willing to invest in your career (think better marketing, public appearances, etc).  Your sales success is connected to how well your publisher – large or independent – knows how to sell.

And if you are self-publishing your book, you cannot skip this step. You need to do all those things a publishing house does to get your work out there and have a strong relationship with any people you hire (editors, proof readers, cover designers) along the way.

  • With simple business skills and a road map to where you want to go, your book will sell. Knowing the steps and taking them are completely different.  So having a good publisher in your corner will help keep you on track, and open your work to a larger audience.
  • Publishers know their target readers. They know how many books they can sell to this target reader.  For a publisher to take a risk on your new book, they need to see some clear signals you and your work are going to reach as many readers as possible – and more with each new book.
  • How does your core audience match up with a particular publisher’s audience? And are there other companies who share your core audience?  If there are, you can partner with these other companies to promote your platform, and increase your ability to reach readers.

At the Writers Business School our classes on publisher relations (both creating and using it) include

  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Representing Yourself Professionally To Your Publisher
  • Working Successfully and Profitably With Your Editor

If you want to know more about publisher relations and see what more you may want to learn, download our free worksheet  here: WBS – Free Download – Publisher Relations