Reader Stewardship


Reader Stewardship is the process you use to continually connect with and engage your current and new readers.  These are your fans and proper stewardship will not only have them ready to buy your books now and in the future, but also tell others about your work, public appearances, blog posts and more. It is vital to engage with your readers no matter where you are in the book launch process. When this part of your business is working, there is a continual buzz about you and your books.

 Build Your Audience Naturally

  • Reader stewardship starts with knowing your core readers. You need to know:
    • Who your readers are?
    • Where do they naturally hand out (Facebook? Google+? Conventions)?
    • What about your platform and writing speak to them?
  • When you know who your core reader is, you can make informed choices in your writing career about where to spend your time and energy doing activities which put your name and your books in front of the largest number of people naturally drawn to your writing.
  • This natural, organic connection to readers makes it fun to interact with them in person, on-line, and through your book’s publication process.
  • Reader stewardship is NEVER spamming the internet with “buy my awesome book now” posts, and it is more than “My book is out right now, so buy it.”
  • It opens an ongoing dialogue between you and your audience allowing them to know the writer and the process behind the books they love and are looking forward to.

At the Writers Business School our classes on reader stewardship (both building and maintaining a program) include:

  • Playing With Your Fans: Basic, Intermediate, Advance
  • Swag That Makes an Impact
  • Don’t Fall Down on Your Follow Up

If you want to know more about reader stewardship and see what more you may want to learn, download our free worksheet here: WBS – Free Download – Reader Stewardship